It's Time to TAKE CONTROL of your FINANCES!
Sophia West, CPA, MAcc
Financial Freedom Coach
As your accountability partner, 
I’m here to help you
  •  ALIGN your Spending with your Values
  •  Take CONTROL of your Finances
  •  REACH your Financial Goals
  •  ENJOY your Financial Freedom 
 I’m here to help you fulfill that desire to achieve and maintain greatness!
Money, debt free
Paying off Debt will change your life!
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TESTIMONIAL....Here's what others have to say!
"Understanding finances can be difficult, Sophia makes financial planning simple.  Her advice has motivated me to take the steps I need to make my financial goals attainable. "
-Natalie Y

"Sophia West. has helped me tremendously over the past couple of years, I was looking for some financial coaching because like many Americans and young millennials, I struggled with wanting to have a good credit reputation.  Sophia was able to guide me in the best way possible to find a solution that was not only enough to help me buy first house, but also reduce my credit card debt to $0.  As well as managing credit card responsibly after that.  It was with her coaching that I can now say that I am able to realistically start planning for bigger life moments; like buying a house and planning for retirement.  Whether it's tax preparation, credit card debt or big purchases, Sophia was able to provide that strong foundation that is leading me towards a bright future. " 
-Robert C. 

As far as I can remember, I was told to get good grades, stay in school and find a good job.I obtained both Bachelors and Masters Degree In Accounting.  I even took it a step further and received one of the highest certification in the  accounting industry and became a Certified Public Accountant.  I did all that was required but still struggled to stay out of debt and manage my finances. How is this possible? I did what I was told but it seems as though I was falling into the status quo where over 50% of Americans are not able to save enough money for emergency funds, don't have enough in retirement savings and have thousands in credit card debt.   I was determined not to fall into the status quo and change my lifestyle, I took matters in my own hands and got to work and now I'm ready to help you do your work!

I've been working in the financial industry for over 13 years, I worked for a BIG accounting firm, managed the accounting department for a company that generated $20 million a year in revenue and I'm a co-owner for an accounting firm that offer taxation, business consulting, tax resolution and CFO services.  It was during my interaction with individuals, couples and business owners I realized how much people are struggling with the same issues as my colleagues during college.   We've spent an average of 16 years in school to get a good education and earn a decent living but  received very little to no training on how to wisely manage our money.   I've worked with people on different spectrum of life, from making $30k a year to others making six figures that all struggled with the same issue, cannot manage their debt. I have a passion and ability to  help you live your best life you truly deserve to live! 
 As your financial coach, I'm here to keep you accountable, help you make better financial decisions, help you align your spending with your values and take control of your finances.  So what are you waiting for?  Schedule your free 30-minute session with me and Sign up for free financial resource access(including Free 7 day debt-free kick-start program).  

*Master of Accountancy
*Certified Public Accountant
*National Financial Education Instructor
*Certified Credit Score Consultant
*Certified Credit Consultant

Looking for a financial speaker at your next event?  I can cover topics such as Pscyhology of Money, Loans & Debt, Jobs and Careers, Budgeting, Account Management, etc...

My Financial Coaching Program is Designed to...
You on the practical changes you need to make that will help you reach and maintain your financial goals.
You in the process of overcoming your cashflow problem(s) with proven techniques
You to define your goals, building on your strength and complete the process.
You to disrupt yourself and change the bad financial habits you have created and inherited that are hindering you from achieving financial success.
Your mindset to think positively about money and help you transform your lifestyle to obtain financial freedom!
Want to achieve REAL results NOW? 
*Improve Credit Score  *Purchase a home *Save for Emergency Fund *Increase Retirement Savings
  *Get out of debt *Create spending plan *Establish College Fund for your Children
Paying off Debt will change your life!
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